Terms and Conditions

1. PAYMENT – A 50% NON REFUNDABLE deposit is required to accept the quotation and confirm the booking. The balance is payable by means of cash or proof of EFT. Final and full payment is due 1 day prior to the function or on the day thereof. Please note that in case of last minute bookings, a full payment is due in order to confirm booking.
2. VALIDITY – The quotation is valid for 7 days and is subject to availability.
3. CANCELLATION – The 50% is NON REFUNDABLE. All accepted quotations, not cancelled in writing within 2 weeks before the function date, will be charged for in FULL.
4. DAMAGES – The client will be held responsible for any damage to the equipment caused by the client / client’s guests.
5. PUBLIC LIABILITY – All public liability claims are the responsibility of the client.
6. OVERTIME FEE – An additional fee of R900 will be charged for every hour after the agreed operating time. This amount will be payable to SNAP-EASE no later than the first working day after this function.
7. BOOTH BUTLER – SNAP-EASE BOOTHTOGRAPHY reserves the right to substitute the allocated booth butler if deemed necessary.
8. POWER FAILURE – We will not be held accountable for power or electronic failure.
9. PHOTO STRIP DESIGN AND PROP SPECIFICATIONS – Specifications must be provided at least three weeks prior to the function and may not be changed once it has been approved. The Standard Props are a free addition to the photo booth hire and if for any reason the free additions are not working or available, the Customer is not entitled to a refund. Props also remain the property of SNAP-EASE BOOTHTOGRAPHY.
10. TRAVELLING DISTANCE – There are no additional charges for functions held within a 30km radius of Vereeniging / Vanderbijlpark. Functions that fall out of the 30km radius will be charged for according to AA Rates.
11. POWER SOURCE AND SETUP SPACE – The photobooth needs enough space to be set up and must be placed near a power source to be able to function properly.
12. SOCIAL MEDIA AND PROMOTION – All images of your event will be placed on our social media platforms and be used as advertising examples. All guests using the photobooth hereby give us: The right and permission to copyright and use all photographic portraits or pictures and email addresses of any photo booth user who may be included intact or in part, made through any and all media now or hereafter known for illustration, art, promotion, advertising, trade, or any other purpose.
13. CIRCUMSTANCES BEYOND OUR CONTROL – SNAP-EASE BOOTHTOGRAPHY cannot be held responsible for any circumstances that may prevent us from attending your event; these may include, but are not limited to severe weather conditions, traffic delays, breakdown of our vehicles, sickness or equipment failure. In the case that we cannot attend or fulfill your hire due to events beyond our control we will contact you or the venue as soon as possible. In these instances our liability will be limited to the refunding of all of monies paid.
14. LOGO – SNAP-EASE BOOTHTOGRAPHY’s logo will be shown as default at the back of the printout strip. To replace the logo with your own personalized image/logo, a once off fee of R250.00 is payable. Please discuss it with us not later than two weeks prior to your event.
15. WEATHER – Seeing that we are using electronic equipment and that the structure cannot be moved, we cannot function outside on a rainy or windy day. Please take this into account when you plan our spot at your function and ensure that booth set-up can be done in a covered and secluded / sheltered area. 
16. PHOTO STRIPS – Only one printed photo strip per couple / individual and two per group is allowed. Other reprints can be ordered from us at info@snap-ease.co.za
17. NUMBER OF GUESTS IN THE BOOTH AT THE SAME TIME – No more than 3 guests will be allowed in the booth at the same time. This is for the safety of the guests and the booth butler.
18. RISK – SNAP-EASE BOOTHTOGRAPHY cannot be held responsible for any injuries whatsoever.

19. OPERATING TIME – SNAP-EASE PHOTOBOOTH must be operational at the agreed time and we cannot be held responsible if your function does not run according to schedule. Booth will therefore open and close at the agreed operating time.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.