Special backdrops for special occasions

Do you have an empty wall in your reception hall or do you want a nice backdrop for your guest photos? Then look no further, because The Peachy Peony will be able to decorate your wedding or function in a stylish and professional way. We asked them to tell us a bit more about who they are and what they do.

Q: Tell us more about The Peachy Peony?

A: “The Peachy Peony is a specialised décor company. What that means is that we make, sell and/or hire out detailed décor like backdrops, photo props, cute ideas and much more for any occasion. We like to be innovative and so with every client’s requirements we try to be different and make their ideas come to life”.


Q: What was the inspiration behind the business and when was it created?

A: “I started with backdrops in 2015, because I am so over the find-anywhere-to-take-photos photos couples have. No be different! Make it fun! It doesn’t stop there, we do not only make specialized décor items for weddings but also for baby showers, Christenings, baby rooms, couple shoots, new-born shoots etc. Have an idea? Contact us!”

Q: Why “The Peachy Peony”?

A: “Since I got married in 2012 I have been over-the-top-in-love with Peonies! They are so big, soft and beautiful. I therefore just knew that my name had to incorporate these wonderful pretty flowers. Peachy, because we do think our products are peachy.”


Q: Tell us more about the team behind the product?

A: “I am the designer as well as the conceptualiser and then there is my husband (who mostly supports my ideas) as the muscle-man. Everything that I can’t do (muscle-wise) he can definitely do, and then if he can’t help, my awesome dad replaces muscle-man, with I-can-do-it-man”.


Q: What are your plans and goals for the future?

A: “To make all those ugly walls disappear into wow features and turn those boring group photos into stunning detailed shots. We do not only hire out backdrops, but also sell backdrops for baby rooms, or any empty wall in your house that you would like to be creative with”.


Q: How will your clients benefit from your services / products?

A: “They will have the chance to showcase the detail, planning and effort that they have put into their wedding, into their photos as well. Your photos are the only keepsake that you have of that amazing day, so make it count”.


Q: What makes your company unique of different from other similar institutions in the industry?

A: “So far there has not been anyone else that specialises in photo backdrops so that makes us unique and then there is also our peachy attitude to bring our client’s thoughts / dreams to life”.


Q: If you could give brides-to-be one piece of advice about decorating empty spaces, what would it be and why?

A: “That you do not have to settle for another venue, because the one you loved had an element which you didn’t like. Hire one of our backdrops to eliminate this area and turn it into a space you love.

I have to show an example, my friend got married and did not like the naked statue that stood in front of the place that the ceremony was going to be held at, this lady was not ugly but oh so inappropriate for your pastor to stand in front of, so we covered it with this chalkboard backdrop. She later used this chalkboard backdrop as her backdrop for her photo booth”.



















Q: What type of backdrops are currently the most popular and why?

A: “It depends on the theme of the wedding:

1. Chalkboards; the couple can personalise it with a quote that means something to them, a monogram and make the whole backdrop look like their personality traits.










2. Big vintage flowers for a vintage themed wedding against a wall is also very big now.














3. Marquee signs is a super yes.









4.Then my personal favourite, this rustic themed backdrop.”









Q: What is the company’s motto and why?

A: “You have put so much hard work in planning your occasion, make the detail count – because we firmly believe everything needs to be awesome”.



If you would like something different than our regular backdrop to brighten up your photobooth session, you can add a beautiful backdrop from The Peachy Peony at an additional cost. Contact us for more information.


If you book/ have booked a photobooth with Snap-Ease for 3rd and 4th quarter of 2016, you stand a chance of winning a beautiful backdrop from The Peachy Peony worth R800 to replace our regular black backdrop for your session. All you have to do is to LIKE their page on Facebook, share this post with your friends and comment on the post with your Quotation Number.